Do You See What I See?


It was Christmas Eve, 1976. I was 6 years old living on SW 25th street in Redmond where I grew up. It was getting late and I was waiting for Santa to arrive. My parents kept trying to get me and my 2 brothers and 1 sister in bed to no avail – WE WERE SO EXCITED. Finally they pulled out the big guns and told us a rule we were not aware of, but now know it to be a common one used by parents...

The Cruciform Life


If the gospel doesn’t change me, inside out, if it doesn’t transform me but if the Christian life means anything at all it finally has to get into the world of what we do between waking and sleeping into the realms of the routine ordinary speech habitual responses casual reactions if Jesus makes it into our daily behavior observers will begin to think there might be something to this...

Interview: The Balance of Grace and Holiness


This post is from a conversation recorded for the podcast, Behind the Message. Moderator: Steve, this week you started a new series on Jesus’ teaching, how He allowed for the ideal – the best, the perfect, the holy – to encounter our reality as humans in human relationships. And the faults and failings that happen within that. He allows for that to happen. Steve: I heard a...

Jars and Trumpets


The world we live in is marred by brokenness, death, and despair. I use to think that all the bad in the world was caused by our separation from God. However, when I read the New Testament I am reminded how the very first followers of Jesus didn’t have it that great in this life. They faced challenges and hardship around every corner. Paul was found drifting in the open sea, was beaten for his...

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