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For the City


I’ve been thinking about the change in seasons here in Central Oregon and how we will soon enter the dry months of summer. Our world also needs the water of life – the water that Jesus offers.The good news of Jesus has to be good news for now, not just for eternity, or it’s not good news. The world needs Jesus and it needs Jesus to be in us working through us. Too often, the message of Jesus is...

Live In The Light


Light reveals what is in me, both what is good and what is bad. Can you remember one of the worst things you’ve done in the dark? And now imagine if someone had turned on the lights right then. Terrifying. We’ve brought that fear into the church and we theologize it by saying how God can’t be in the presence of unholy people. Even though when we first screwed up, He went out looking for us. He...

When Darkness Becomes Clear


Have you ever been on the Mummy Ride at Universal Studios? It is dark. Really dark. It makes you feel lost and confused and fearful and very, very sick. When darkness enters our lives in different ways, it has a way of doing the same to us. There is a lot of confusion, emptiness and fear when things are unknown and unclear. We desire light and clarity in these moments. But where does the light...

Darkness Reveals Light


I was recently in San Diego with my family. My son has taken up a love of photography and while we were there he was taking photos of everything. I realized as he set up shots, changing settings on the camera, that the quality of his photos were dependent on the level of light let in through the shutter. It lets light in or keeps it out. If you set things correctly, you can take a great photo in...

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