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Jesus is Connection


We long for connection. Some of the greatest inventions have to do with getting us closer to one another; removing the distance between us: boats, wheels, trains, cars, telephones, radios, airplanes, the internet. On and on the list goes. It’s clear: we are built for connection. Look at what Jesus says in John 17: I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through...

Step into the Light


I want you to imagine what life would be like without electricity. Think of how dark things would get, once the sun set. You would have to make sure and be home, before dark, otherwise, it could be difficult to find your way. These days that is such an unfamiliar concept to us. Some say that we live in a “light polluted” world. Literal darkness really isn’t much of a thing in our day and...

We Need to talk About Sin


My friend, and fellow pastor, Bo, recently told a story about how the early church didn’t have a word to accurately describe the kind of love they saw expressed and live out by Jesus, so they made one up – Agape. Pretty cool, huh? To love so outrageously they have create a new word?  But that got me thinking about a word that church has misused for centuries. It’s a pretty word. One...

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