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My wife hates putting gas in the car. She will go as far as possible seeing how close she can get to empty before going to the gas station. What about you? We do the same thing with our souls. We run and run and run – never stopping to refuel, but inevitably we will hit empty. John Ortberg writes in the book Soul Keeping, “The soul was not made to run on empty. But the soul doesn’t come with a...

Keeper of our Souls


“There once was a town high in the Alps that straddled the banks of a beautiful stream. The stream was fed by springs that were old as the earth and deep as the sea. The water was clear like crystal. Children laughed and played beside it; swans and geese swam on it. You could see the rocks and the sand and the rainbow trout that swarmed at the bottom of the stream. High in the hills, far beyond...

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