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Prepare Your Soil


My wife is an amazing storyteller. Suzanne used to tell the boys the greatest bed time stories. She would bring in super heroes and the boys themselves and their cousins. She would describe adventures that started in our yard in Sisters, where Superman would show up and ask for their help. Together- they would hold onto his cape and fly to the woods where Tigger would end up helping them save...



When was the last time you went out on a limb for God and if He didn’t come through, you were through? The Bible calls it a life of faith – it’s not a sure thing – filled with uncertainty and hope – but there’s nothing grander, more worthwhile and important than living out the way of Jesus in a broken world. The Bible tells the story of the highs and lows of humanity, but also of God’s unwavering...

Jars and Trumpets


The world we live in is marred by brokenness, death, and despair. I use to think that all the bad in the world was caused by our separation from God. However, when I read the New Testament I am reminded how the very first followers of Jesus didn’t have it that great in this life. They faced challenges and hardship around every corner. Paul was found drifting in the open sea, was beaten for his...

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